FMNV Guidelines

What are Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FMNV)?

Soda Water

o Any carbonated beverage, including those with added nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and


Water Ices

o frozen, sweetened water such as popsicles and other “…sicles” and flavored ice with the

exception of products that contain fruit or fruit juice.

Chewing Gum

o flavored products made from natural or synthetic gums and other ingredients that form an

insoluble mass for chewing.

Certain Candies

o any processed foods made predominantly from sweeteners or artificial sweeteners, including

hard candy, jellies and gums, marshmallow candies, fondant, licorice, spun candy and candycoated


When can FMNV’s be served in schools?

 Elementary, Middle School & High Schools: FMNVs are not allowed to be sold or given away anywhere on

school premises by anyone (including guest speakers) until after the end of the last scheduled class.

Are there exceptions to these times?

Elementary Classroom Snacks

 Elementary classrooms may serve one nutritious snack per day, either in the morning or afternoon but

not during regular meal periods. Anyone may provide the snack as long as there is no cost to the student.

Prepackaged snacks must comply with fat and sugar limits of TSNP and must be single serving. Snacks may

not contain FMNVs or consist of candy or dessert type items (cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pudding, ice cream

or frozen desserts, etc). Snacks can be purchased through the food service department or can be

provided by parents as long as they meet TDA guidelines. For a list of “Fan Favorite Snacks” that meet

guidelines, please contact the Food Services Office.

Elementary Birthday Parties

 Foods otherwise restricted by the policy are permitted. It is recommended that such parties be scheduled

after the end of the class lunch period.

Testing Snacks

 Schools & parents may provide one additional snack per day for students taking the TAKS test. As with

classroom snacks they must comply with the limits outlined in the TSNP.

Field Trips

 The nutrition policy does not apply to students who leave campus for campus‐approved field trips.

Competitive Foods

Competitive Foods are any foods that are provided to students by person(s) or organizations other than the

school food service department (including vending machines). Times are based on school type. All competitive

foods must comply with the portion size and nutrition restrictions of the Texas School Nutrition Policy during

school hours.

Elementary Schools:

 Not allowed anytime anywhere on school premises until the end of the last scheduled class.