Kindergarten Frequently Asked Questions

Kindergarten Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Kindergarten Schedule?
Kindergarteners in Northwest ISD attend all day kindergarten.  Just like the older students, they go to school from 7:45-2:45.
Can I eat lunch with my kindergartener?
During the first two weeks of school, the teachers are working to establish the routines of the cafeteria.  We are searching for parents who are willing to volunteer during this time period to help monitor and guide the students into proper restaurant behavior.  Once those two weeks are over, you are more than welcome to eat with your child at any time.
How will my child get to and from school?
You have many different options.  Students at Sendera Ranch walk, ride their bikes, ride in cars, and some ride the bus.  Many parents enjoy walking their child down to their classroom after the 7:40 bell rings.  For arrival and dismissal procedures, click here.
Who are the Kindergarten Teachers?
We have six amazing teachers.  All are patient, passionate, and great at using developmentally appropriate practices to develop the whole child.  Connie King, Christy Walters, Christina Clack and Carmen Belanger are all so excited to meet your little ones!
Does Sendera Ranch have a special meeting for Kindergarten Parents?
Yes.  On the first day of school, Kindergarten Parents will meet in the library for a special meeting with our school counselor, Leigh Ann Trice. She will share with you some of the exciting opportunities that your kindergartener will have.  She will also suggest ways that you can help your child be successful.