Let's Go To Kindergarten!

Ready, Set, Let’s Go to Kindergarten

Will my teacher be nice? Where will I sit? Will the other kids like me? Many children get nervous about heading back to school. With a little preparation, parents can help in many ways!  Here’s how to make your child’s transition as smooth as possible! 
Remember Routines! Family routines tend to slide in the summer!  That’s partly because of fun summer nights with crazy bedtimes, a popsicle every afternoon, and wearing swimsuits for days on end! But before school starts it is important to focus on helping your child get consistent sleep, exercise, healthy foods, and family time together. Start practicing bed time a week or two before kindergarten starts!

Get Ready! Don’t underestimate the fun and importance of new things for the first big day of school. With younger kids, a bag full of school supplies, a new backpack and a few new items of clothing will make starting school feel special and important!

 Be Organized! They should be able to walk to class, carrying their own backpack and lunch box, put their items away in their locker etc... Begin to teach them that these things are their responsibility! Ease back-to-school anxiety by being prepared. Help your child to lay out their clothes and backpack the night before. 

Take It Easy! Preparation is great but don’t go overboard. You don’t want to make coming to school or leaving home too big of a deal!  Part of growing up is to be a big kid! You’re the best judge of when your child needs reassurance and how much.

Please let us know what we can do to help you or your child!