Kindergarten Information

Kindergarten Information

Absences- Good attendance habits enhance your
child’s learning. If your child is absent, you will need to send a note
to the office documenting the reason for the absence.

AMP (Art, Music, PE)-Students will have Art, Music, or P.E. each
day. Tennis shoes are appropriate for P.E. and recess. If they
must wear sandals or boots, they need to bring a pair to change into before
P.E. or recess.  Students must wear shorts under skirts.

Arrival/Tardies-Students may begin to come to the classroom at
7:20. At 7:40, the tardy bell rings. If your child is not in class when
the tardy bell rings, they need to get a tardy slip from the front office
to give to the teacher.   Learning begins promptly at 7:40, so it is very important that your
child is in their seat ready to learn at that time!

Backpacks- Please send a backpack to school with
your child everyday. Please have a regular size backpack so that a
folder can fit easily inside.

Behavior Chart- In your child’s take home folder you will find a
behavior chart to let you know how their behavior was each day. 
 Please check your child's folder each day.    If
your child consistently had trouble following the rules that day, you
will receive a note. Students receive a warning for non-violent
behaviors before they get a note sent home. They immediately get
a note sent home and a phone call for violent behaviors. Please
initial the behavior chart each day.

Behavior Expectations- Students are expected to:

 *Use time wisely

*Participate in classroom activities

*Put forth best effort

*Work independently

*Take care of and put away materials

*Work and play well with others

*Accepts responsibility for own actions

*Exhibit positive attitude

Change of Clothes
- Please keep a change of
clothes in your child’s backpack or locker. Accidents and spills
happen, and the nurse does not always have clothes for the kids to
change into.

Change of Transportation-If your child will go home a way other
than the usual way they go home please send a note or email to
the teacher AND let the front office know. If we do not have a
note, we have to send your child home the way they normally
go home. Please notify the office before 2:00 of transportation
changes. Please do not just leave a voicemail, as we usually do
not have time to check them during the school day.

Class Parties- We will have 3 class parties during the year, a
winter party, a Valentine’s Day party, and an end of the year
party. More information will be sent home as the time nears.

Dismissal- Our school day ends at 3:00. Students exit in the
following manner:

 *Car riders: At the back of the school through the gym

 *Bus riders and Daycare: In front of the school

 *Walkers: Through the doors by the kindergarten

For the safety of all, please do not park and walk up to
the school to pick up your child.

Homework- Kindergarten homework will consist

of reading with or to your child for 15-20 minutes each night and
working on letter, letter sounds, and sight work recognition.
Additional homework may be sent home on an as needed basis for
your child (such as handwriting, name writing, math or alphabet
skills). Spending time with your child on homework lets them know
that you value their education and sets the tone for a successful
educational career.

Illness- If your child has a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting, they will be
sent home by the school nurse. Please keep your child at home if
they have any of these symptoms. Your child must be free of fever/ diarrhea free
for 24 hours before returning to school. 

We want you to volunteer at our
school. Look for opportunities to volunteer: Art Classroom, Lunch
time, PTA, etc.

Kindness-Students in our classroom are encouraged and expected
to treat all members of our class as well as others with kindness
and respect. Bothering others, bullying, and interrupting learning
will not be permitted.

Language Arts Expectations-By the end of kindergarten, students
are expected to:

 *Read independently on a level 4 or above

 *Read and write all sight words (word wall words)

 *Form all uppercase and lowercase letters correctly

 *Identify all letters and sounds

 *Write using dominant sounds in words

 *Use correct spacing, capitalization, and punctuation

Library-We will go the library as a class once each week. Your
child can check out one book at a time. Please keep the Library
book in your child’s backpack..

Lunch- Your child may either buy their lunch from the cafeteria, or
bring their own lunch from home. There are teachers and
volunteers on lunch duty that help the students get their trays, open
containers, and monitor behavior.

Math expectations- By the end of kindergarten,
students are expected to:

 *Count objects to 20

 *Identify and write numbers 1-20 (in random order)

 *Count by ones to 100 and 10's by any given number.

 *Model addition and subtraction

 *Identify and describe properties of shapes

 *Construct and answer questions about a graph 

Money-If you need to send money to school for lunch, field trips,
etc., please put it in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and
teacher on it.

Newsletter-School and kindergarten newsletter will be sent
electronically. Newsletters can also be found on our website. It is
very important that you read the newsletter. In it you will find
information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, what
we have learned in class, and much more. It is the best way to
keep informed about what is happening at Sendera Ranch
Elementary and in kindergarten!

Nurse-When your child is ill at school, you will need to pick them up
from the nurse’s office in the main office area. Only the nurse can
dispense medication to students. Leave medications and
prescription information with the nurse. Our school nurse is
Renee Luker . Her phone number is 817-698-3503. 

Outside play-Playing outside is an important part of a
child’s social and motor development. Please send your child in
the appropriate shoes (tennis shoes) for PE and outdoor play.
When the weather conditions are too extreme, our students have
an indoor recess time.

Parent teacher conferences- We will have at
least one face-to-face conference during the year to discuss your
child’s progress, strengths, and areas to work on. It is very
important for us to work together as a team to do what is best for
your child. We can also have phone and face-to-face conferences
through the year as needed. Please keep us informed of any
concerns you might have about your child’s progress at school.

Report cards
-Report cards will be sent home each six weeks, with

the exception of the first six weeks.. We will have parent teacher
conferences the first six weeks in place of report cards. You may
keep the report card.

Science expectations: By the end of
kindergarten, students are expected to:

*Make observations and gather information

*Conduct investigations and communicate findings

Snacks- Students will have the opportunity to eat a small snack. If you would like for your child to have a snack, please send it in their backpack and put their name on it if
possible. Snacks will be kept in their backpack until snack time.

 Social Studies expectations - By the end of kindergarten,
students are expected to:

 *Identify similarities and differences in people

 *Identify the U.S. and Texas flags and recite pledges

 *Learn and apply rules

 *Identify basic human needs

*Understand customs of holiday / patriotic celebrations

*Identify contributions of historical figures

*Explain how technology has changed the way we live

Supplies-School supplies may need to be updated or purchased
throughout the school year. Notes may be sent home asking for
your child to bring supplies when they run out.

Toys-Please make sure your child leaves toys, cell
phones, and other electronics at home. Not only are these a
distraction, but often end up lost or broken! If toys are taken up
during class, you can pick them up from your child’s teacher before
or after school.

Treasure Box- Treasure Box
prize donations are welcome! Students enjoy small items such as
bubbles, bouncy balls, stickers, cars, small notepads, etc.

Visits- For security reasons, you will need a form of

identification and will have to sign in at the front office for all school
visits. You may eat lunch with your child, but will not be able to visit
the classroom during the school day without making prior
arrangements. If you need to drop off a backpack, lunch, snack,
etc., you may leave it at the front office and they will bring it down to

Volunteer Opportunities-If you are willing to help out by cutting
lamination, putting books together, etc. please let your child’s
teacher know! Also we can always use volunteers in the lunch
room and during ART class! A group of volunteers also comes each
Thursday to help teachers. All volunteers must have a criminal
background check on file each year before they can have contact
with students.

We look forward to getting to know your child this school year!!!