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All students entering 4th grade are expected to have
mastered multiplication facts through 12x12.
Click here for math practice pages for 4th grade skills.

Great Apps for the iPad

All these apps are ones we have on our school iPads because I think they are fabulous! Some of these are free apps and some cost a couple of dollars. The ones that cost money are well with the few dollars (in my opinion). You should be able to search the titles exactly as they are written below and find the apps in the App Store!

  •  ·        Math Slide 1000
  • ·         Math Slide Multiplication
  • ·         Math Splat
  • ·         Long Division
  • ·         Quick Math
  • ·         Fractions and Decimals- Intermediate
  • ·         Fractions and Decimals- Foundational
Great Websites

Xtra Math

Think Through Math -

Students will have access to this all summer and have new pathways to help prepare them for next year!


  • Math Websites

Multiplication Games
Division Games
Math Challenge
Explore these websites to review fourth grade skills and sharpen your problem solving skills!
A Math Dictionary 
Elapsed Time

Elapsed Time Practice